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This exhibition is the official sculpture exhibition displayed at the Ellerslie International Flower Show annually held at Hagley Park in Christchurch. I have been curating this show since the Flower show came to Christchurch in 2009. I was approached by Ellerslie in 2008 to curate this sculpture exhibition through my association with the sculpture community in New Zealand and have been building on its success since.

We all have differing tastes when it comes to artwork but I can’t ignore my own tastes when it comes to the selection for this show. I still have to consider the wider appeal the sculptures may have. In saying that, my art school training and career experience has taught me what is good or ‘not so good’ artwork (although some might debate this!) I also have quite strict guidelines for exhibition entries. To start with artworks need to be robust for outdoor display and safe for the public. Secondly, I would choose work that not only is going to contribute to the overall look of the exhibition, but will stand up on its own in a private garden setting.

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