Bread and butter with jam on top

I married the most beautiful woman I ever met eight years ago and we rapidly produced three very nice little people, Jack, 5, Henry,3  and Molly just 1 years old.

My family are the delight of my life and my profession comes a fairly close second. In the rear occasion I have spare time, I like playing music and have a very keen interest in ceramic sculpture. I keep fit and healthy by cycling and walking the dog, eating good food and playing backgammon. I like my simple life and feel I do my best in service to others.


Just the bread and butter

As a highly successful and motivated professional with expertise in design and quality of work, I am committed to design excellence.  A team player with a first class Honors degree in Applied Arts, and an extensive graphic design background in print and digital publications.

I have a demonstrated ability and passion for quality in creative design, artwork layout, web design and photography including a solid working knowledge and experience in design principles including web/brand design, color correction techniques, pre-press and catalogue production.

A Gifted communicator with proven ability to form strong relationships, and gain trust of, colleagues and clients at all levels; ability to convey technical concepts to nontechnical audiences.

Adept in design using Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and InDesign, and expert at enhancing Information Technology systems to ensure optimum productivity and maintain both quality and cost-effectiveness.

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